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Standard Features

Stainless steel perforated inner drum
Copper aluminum coils in steam heated models
Stainless steel resistances in electric heated models
Double heat insulation
Direct hub-shaft and belt drive system
Computerized time and heat adjustment
Fully programmable electronic control
Bidirectional rotation
Safety door switch
Safety cover for rear side
Cool down
Engineered design occupies less area
Large and easily cleanable lint filters
Lubrication from single point
Height adjustable legs for protection from moist and water
Newly designed stainless steel door and hinge
80% of construction without welding
Electrostatic painted
Forward Tilting

Optional Features

Stainless steel outer cabinet
Humidity control
Adjustable drum speed
Variable air flow
Steam, electric, natural gas, lpg heating options
Control Panel: With the experience of many years, Tolkar has developed latest version control panel for tumble dryers where both automatic and manual control are available. Drying time, rotation direction, temperature and cooling time are controlled from the operator’s panel. Also drum speed can be controlled as an option.
Coil System: Copper aluminum coils are especially designed to obtain highest efficiency in steam heated models. These serpentines are mantled both sides of the machines where detachable and easily cleanable stainless steel filters are used to protect the coils.
Removable sliding filters prevent the dust, lint and dirt to clog the serpentines by providing longer life with efficiency.
Motor and Drive System: Drive system is located and secured at the rear side of the machine with special covers. Simple gear drive system is preferred for easy drum speed adjustment and less maintenance necessity comparing to heavy belt-pulley systems.
Lint Filter: Wide lint filter mounted at the bottom side of the machine, allows high permeability of air flow which conduces better drying performance. Removable and cleanable filter is produced by stainless steel to avoid the harms and damages caused by moisture there in.
Cool down: Cool down feature, runs at horizontal axis with automatic double curtains, prevents the wrinkles and hardening whereas quality of textile is protected.
Steam Inlet and Condense System (Optional): Pneumatic steam inlet valves and condense output are delivered with the machine. As no need of complicated steam installations, machine can be installed to main stream and condense line of your central piping easily.


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