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Width (mm) 3645
Depth (mm) 1155
Height (mm) 1350 + 120 mm ( warning light)
Net Weight(kg) 800
Gross Weight (kg) 1000

General Information

Vacuum Feeders are designed for huge capacity ironers in order to perform the most demanding high quality finishing tasks. It is suitable for linens, pillow cases, table napkins and table clothes. Ergonomic designed structure with high efficient centrifugal fans, a forceful airflow has created to catch, to flatten, to tauten and to feed the laundry. All movements such as string, bending, pulling fulfilled by operators normally, are done mechanically in order to achieve dramatically savings. Besides by reducing the gap of fed linens in between, efficiency of the ironer has been raised up. According to type of fed material, speed and vacuuming are adjustable whereas feeder relocates easily with carrier wheels.


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