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Ma-Soft 9056 ®


Nonionic softener/lubricant for indigo and sulfur dyed denim and other cotton and polyester/cotton fabrics. Provides an excellent hand. Improves sewability, abrasion resistance and tear strength. Does not contain alkylphenol ethoxylates.



Ma-Soft CAT ®


MA-SOFT CAT is a highly effective softening agent and lubricant for 100% cotton, and polyester/cotton knit blends. MASOFT CAT improves fabric sewability and it is especially effective on goods for garment dyeing.


Ma-Soft CL ®


Ma-Soft CL is a highly effective softening agent for cotton fabrics and their blends with synthetics, such as polyester and PTT Ma-Soft CL imparts a soft, full hand.



Ma-Sil TCT ®


Reactive silicone copolymer emulsion, which reacts during curing to form a durable elastromeric finish. Provides a full, soft hand with excellent drape and body.


Ma-Sil WS ®


Hydrophilic silicone emulsion which provides a soft, natural hand. Non- yellowing. Compatible with soil release and oil and water repellent finishes including fluorochemicals. Can be printed over and has excellent overdyeability.


Ma-Sil DPN ®


MA-SIL DPN is a functional cationic silicone polymer that reacts during drying to give a durable silicone finish on fibers and fabrics. In addition to the slick drape hand, MA-SIL DPN will give additional bulk and elasticity properties to fabric.



Ma-Soft NYI ®


Nonionic emulsion which provides a soft hand. Non-yellowing. Compatible with other finish bath additives. Useful as a sanforizing lubricant.


Ma-Soft Den ®


MA-SOFT DEN is a blended cationic softener that provides a soft hand, good napping, excellent sewing properties, and needle cutting protection on cotton and polyester/cotton fabrics. MA-SOFT DEN is especially suited for Denim fabrics.



Ma-Soft QB Base ®


85% active quaternary base. Emulsion prepared from QB Base will give a soft hand with low yellowing properties.


Ma-Soft SL Base ®


100% active liquid, pourable base. Cold water dispersible.



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