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Ma-Stab XL ®


Unique, "all-in-one" product for the hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cotton-containing yarns. Excellent detergency with hydrogen peroxide stabilization. Absorbencies of the bleached packages are excellent.


Ma-Terge AP ®


Nonionic scouring/wetting agent for natural and synthetic fibers. Good emulsifying properties for spin finishes and oils. Does not contain alkyl phenol ethoxylates.


Ma-Wet JET ®


MA-WET JET is a specially designed leveling agent for the direct and fiber reactive dyeing of cellulosic fibers and their blends. It has excellent dispersing and enetrating properties. MA-WET JET is also effective in eliminating edge lines in the dyeing of cotton knit fabric.


Ma-Scour AIN ®


Ma-Scour AIN is a multifunctional auxiliary for the dyeing of cellulosic fabrics. Ma-Scour AIN is a low foaming specially developed product for the one-bath washing and dyeing of greige cotton fabrics and their blends.


Ma-Zyme CA ®


MA-ZYME CAT-50 is a stabilized liquid catalase made by submerged fermentation of a non-pathogenic microorganism. MA-ZYME CAT-50 specifically breaks down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. MA-ZYME CAT-50 does not affect the textile fibers or dyestuff.




Ma-Seq Pe ®


A unique chelate/dispersant system for use in peroxide bleach baths. The product exhibits excellent chelating properties for calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and manganese. Effectively disperses silicate and insoluble silicate complexes thereby preventing and/or removing deposits.



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