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  Miracle 60 Miracle 120 Miracle 150 Miracle 225 Miracle 340 Miracle 500
Capacity 60kg 120kg 150kg 225kg 340kg 500kg
Drum Volume 545 lt 1125 lt 1480 lt 2280 lt 3398 lt 4800 lt
Drum Diameter 870 mm 1070 mm 1240 mm 1480 mm 1720 mm 1720 mm
Drum Depth 917 mm 1294 mm 1220 mm 1330 mm 1465 mm 2070 mm
Washing Speed
Adjustable - Variable
Max Extraction 910 rpm 760 rpm 760 rpm 700 rpm 645 rpm 645 rpm
Max G Force 400 G 400 G 400 G 400 G 400 G 400 G
Door Diameter 550 mm 630 mm 710 mm 850 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm
Drain Valve Dia. 3 1/2 " 5" 5" 6" 8" 8"
Chemical Inlet
5 electrically controlled chemical compartments
Motor Speed Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Washing & Spinning 3 KW 5.5 KW 5.5 KW 7.5 KW 11 KW 18.5 KW
Total Electric 4 KW 6.5 KW 6.5 KW 8.5 KW 12 KW 19.5 KW
Water Intake 1" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 2" 2"
Steam Intake 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 3/4"
Width 1270 mm 1478 mm 1610 mm 1915 mm 2175 mm 2200 mm
Height 1650 mm 2020 mm 1950 mm 2275 mm 2550 mm 2550 mm
Depth 1910 mm 2420 mm 2350 mm 2590 mm 3045 mm 3650 mm
Weight 1400 kg 3200 kg 3250 kg 5200 kg 6600 kg 9000 kg

Standard Features

Patented Smart Balance System
PolyRib ECO Drum (Patent Pen.) 400 G spinning power
Direct steam heating system
Inverter controlled motor drive
PLC Controlled SC 400 Electronic Control System
99 independent programmable recipes (up to 100 programming steps each)
Forward tilting system for unloading (N/A for Miracle 60)
Single motor drive
Stainless steel front cover plate and 304 quality stainless steel for parts coming into contact with chemicals
Continuous water level measurement
No hydraulics, all pneumatic control system
5 electrically controlled chemical compartments of 2 liters each
2 water inlet control (Hot, cold)
One large drain outlet with air operated water release valve
Special Separated leak proof bearing system
Viton seals around shaft
Automatically locked front loading door with safety lock
Front panel bumper rail
2 water, 1 steam valve and connection hoses

Optional Features

Cleanseal sealing dust removal system
Cool Down with programmable slope control
6 external chemical intake control
Industrial type Water liter counter
Backward tilting 2nd drain and 3rd water inlet control
Automatic door Water sampling valve
Smartex High Speed Washer Extractors firstly introduced in 1998 with patented technology of Smart Balancing System, are carrying on its reputation as Smartex Miracle series by being the leader of the sector under the Tolkar's umbrella since 2008. Initially Miracle has launched with its patented revolutionary technology called PolyRib ECO Drum that dramatically saves 50% from water, chemicals, heating energy, waste water and electricity. Incontestable technologies are disproved with ye introduction of PolyRib ECO Drum system which contributes both the investors and environmental factors. Finally, Tolkar is proud to introduce world's very first Gas Heated washer extractors called Smartex Miracle Gas Heated. Miracle has obtained the first place in TUSID Industrial Products Competition 2009.
Smart Balancing System
The design of Smartex Miracle Machines has emanated from actual problems encountered by the users during the washing process. The major principle taken into account during the design of Smartex machines was to be able to achieve the desired processes by using the simplest and most effective mechanic design possible. The most important pre-condition to accomplish this was to design a machine, which would show a minimum level of vibration during operation. A machine that is not subjected to high levels of vibration will have the minimum risk of breakdowns. This internationally patented non-vibrating system, the Smart Balancing System is now available from Smartex.
The Smart Balance system controls the unbalance of the spinning the load at both ends of the drum; therefore, even the most difficult unbalanced load conditions can easily be handled. The control system can compensate unbalanced loads of up to 30% for all Smartex machines at any point within the drum while spinning at 400 G and the result is incredibly low vibration and noise all spinning period. The high 400 G attained by Smartex Machines efficiently extract all the water of garments. The humidity level is about 10% lower compared to other washer extractors spinning at 300 G, saving about 20% on drying energy, time and investment on dryers. This low humidity level minimizes dramatically the time and precious energy required for the drying process. Furthermore all mechanical parts are not subject to the fatigue caused by vibration.
PolyRib Eco Drum
The Pol-Rib™ drum, as we named it, is a revolutionary drum structure with multiple small beaters instead of 3-4 large beaters only. This drum structure provides a better rubbing action and shover effect on the garments with the help of ribs, therefore increasing the effectiveness of dirt removal and quality of rinsing. That ensures to give better cleaning on the garments.
The ECO™ Drum is also Miracle's other revolution in washing technologies. As known by many of you, water shortage is becoming the most important problem in our world at present days, so Tolkar/Smartex is proud to introduce the ECO™ Drum.
With a special circulation system, the ECO™ Drum swallows all the inessential water from outer drum (the water which is kept in the gap area between the outer drum & inner drum) and injects into the inner drum. Thereby we are able to increase the water level of inner drum up to desired. Fruitful of less water usage allows to consume less energy for heating & for drive system, less chemicals due to liquor ratio and less waste water as well.
Gas Heating
From second half of 2009, newly introduced world's very first gas heated washer extractor Miracle has been launched by Tolkar which offers unlimited advantages to its inventors. At the present day basic equipments of laundries such as tumble dryers, flatworks are available with gas heating option where only the washer extractors were offered with steam or electric heating. Today, with Miracle Gas Heated series, all laundries could be installed with gas heated equipments whereas extra steam boiler, piping installation etc costs are eliminated. As usage of gas is more economic and efficient compared to electric or steam, operational costs are reduced incredibly along with investment costs, besides usage of gas helps to save the environment.


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