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Ma-Lube STK ®


Finishing agent for kiss roll application on synthetic yarns. Provides excellent lubricity and it is especially suited for spun and texturized polyester yarn.


Ma-Lube ELS ®


Cationic, premium exhaust lubricant for threads and yarns. Composed of silicones and waxes.


CONING OILS (Polyester)

Ma-Lube NY-PE ®


100 SSU white-oil-based coning lubricant for dyed yarns, applied at winding.


Ma-Lube PE/PK ®


Ma-Lube PE/PK is a new generation specialty lubricant and trimer masking agent specifically designed to be exhaust applied in package machines. Ma-Lube PE/PK contains an uniquely engineered emulsification system that gradually loses surface activity during the exhaustion process.



Ma-Lube LD22 ®


Ma-Lube LD22 is a new generation knitting lubricant designed for low and high speed circular knitting machines. Ma-Lube LD22 has been Successfully in-plant tested with major knitting mills and has been shown to double the life of knitting elements.


Ma-Lube LD32 ®


Ma-Lube LD32 contributes to less wear of knitting elements, lower machine temperatures and better knitting efficiency. Ma-Lube LD32 is easily removable from all types of fabrics under normal scouring procedures.



Ma-Lub CO/PK ®


Ma-Lube CO/PK is a specially formulated paraffin wax lubricant for knitting and weaving yarn that is applied by the exhaust method in package equipment. Ma-Lube CO/PK is specifically designed to be readily dispersible in cold water and provide ease in handling. Ma-Lube CO/PK can also be used with anti-ozonates to provide additional ozone protection for heavy bleach finishes used in garment wet processing.



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