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Standard Features

Patented Smart Balance System
400 G spinning power
Direct steam heating
Inverter controlled motor drive
PLC Controlled SWC 2000 Electronic Control System
99 independent programmable recipes (up to 100 programming steps each)
Forward tilting system for unloading (N/A for Miracle 60)
Single motor drive with smaller power
Stainless steel front cover plate and 316 L quality stainless steel for parts coming into contact with chemicals
Continuous water level measurement with industrial water counter
Operating temperature up to 99 C
Variable and adjustable dyeing, washing, and spinning speeds
Heat insulated outer drum
No hydraulics, all pneumatic control system
One main chemical compartment
2 water inlet control (Hot, cold)
One large drain outlet with air operated water release valve
Special separated leak proof bearing system
Revolution counter
Viton seals around shaft with spares
Automatically locked front loading door with safety lock
Water sampling valve
Front panel bumper rail
2 water, 1 steam valve and connection hoses
Carrier wheels for easy installation and maintenance

Optional Features

PolyRib ECO Drum (Patent Pending)
Chemical/Dye Dispensing Unit, 3 tanks, main with stirrer
Cleanseal sealing dust removal system
Industrial type Water liter counter
PH Control System
8 or 16 external, electrically controlled chemical inlet outputs
SCADA (System Controls and Data Acquisition) and Network applications
Backward tilting
2nd drain and 3rd water inlet control
Automatic door
Automatically controlled grease lubricator for bearings
Y Drum with revolving door, sampling door synchronized with revolving door
Newly introduced PolyRinb ECO Drum System (patent pending), we do wash almost without water as saving 50 % from water, chemicals, heating energy and waste water comparing to all others. Shift to ultimate washing technology with SMARTEX.
The HWE series are intended to achieve all washing tasks such as chemical processing, enzyme, stone, silicone, softener washing, tinting along with extracting. Due to our special drum design and structure, we are able to obtain better washing effects on garments as well as reducing the water, chemical and heating energy usage. In all process except stoning, we do wash with 1:2 liquor ratios with our PolyRib ECO Drum System.
Tolkar is proud to introduce Ultimate Washing Machine called MIRACLE Series with its new invention “PolyRib ECO Drum” (patent pending). The Poly-Rib™ drum, as we named it, is a revolutionary drum structure with multiple small ribs (wings) along with 3 smaller beaters. This drum structure provides better effects on the fabrics, therefore increasing the effectiveness of washing quality. Hence it is suitable for delicates by means of less wearing action of multiple ribs.
The ECO Drumâ„¢ is also our other revolution in dyeing/washing technologies as TOLKAR is proud to introduce the ECO Drumâ„¢. During dyeing/washing, wherein the passage of water is restricted with the help of PolyRib drum structure; passed water from the drum through lessened perforations to the tub is pumped back into the drum with a circulation pump through Spin Dye injector which is placed under the drum. Comprised invention called The ECO Drumâ„¢ that is used along with PolyRib. With said method the gap area between inner drum and tub is completely depleted and no water kept in this area equals to 40-50 % of total required water volume of conventional machines and provides 40-50% savings from required water. By eliminating the unessential water which normally has to be kept in the gap area, water consumption reduces dramatically and depending on saved water, all chemicals, heating energy and waste water consumptions are reduced as same.
Reducing the water filled into drum is causing to use smaller motors where friction forces between drum and water are eliminated by keeping the gap area empty. This further allows to load the machines more than usual where economizes on electricity consumption.
All capacities are capable of exerting 400 G force without any vibration with the help of Smart Balancing System (Patented). Extraction at 400 G saves about 20% in energy spent on. Again independent of the load distribution within the drum, stable balancing is achieved by Smart Balancing System, thereby almost eliminating the need for restarts. All mechanical parts of the machine are not subject to the fatigue caused by vibration.
Comparing with the conventional dyeing machines, SMARTEX Miracle pays back its investment within 6 to 10 months according to installed region conditions. Meet with 21st century’s technologies. A cigarette can stand vertically while spinning at max speeds.


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