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Capacity (kg)150150300300400400500
Drum Volume (lt)1658165831793179381838184948
Drum Diameter (mm) 1300130018001800180018002050
Drum Depth (mm)1250125012501250150015001500
Door Diameter (mm)70070010001000100010001000
Inner Drum (mm/L) 3+3/3163+3/3163+3/3163+3/3163+3/3163+3/3163+3/316
Washing Speed
6-35 Adjustable
Motor Gear (HP-kw)7.515-1110-7.525-18.515-1125-18.530-22
Drain Valve Dia. (inch)6666666
Chemical Inlet
Motor Speed Control
Spin Speed - 60-150 - 60-150 - 60-150 60-150
Total Electric Power (kw) 8.5 12 8.5 19.5 16 19.5 23
Water Intake (inch) 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 2 2 2
Steam Intake (inch) 1 1 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2


Width (mm) 2090 2090 2260 2260 2260 2260 2360
Height (mm) 2160 2160 2530 2530 2655 2655 2660
Depth (mm) 2665 2665 3125 3125 3506 3506 3805
Weight (kg) 2900 3250 6000 6000 6750 7450 8400

Standard Features

Direct Drive System
Pre Extraction in built
Reduction gear drive motor (No belt pulley systems)
Direct steam and Indirect steam heating system through external heat exchanger
External Chemical/Dye Kitchen with progressive dosing
Stainless steel front cover plate and 316 L quality stainless steel for parts coming into contact with chemicals
Detachable Y Drum with revolving door, sampling door synchronized with revolving door
3 mm stainless steel inner drum
Sample Door with security glass
PLC Controlled 99 independent programmable recipes (up to 100 programming steps each)
Forward tilting system for unloading
TOM system (Data transferring form m/c to m/c)
Manual Control Panel
Double direction working capability
Adjustable water intake level in liters
Ramp controlled heating and cooling (Cool down)
Epoxy based paint on main body (Chemical and water resistant)
Electrostatic powder paint on body covers (Chemical and water resistant)
Automatic front door
Automatic shutter system for safety
Pneumatic locking system for loading and sample doors provided with pistons
Ac4140 quality steel main shaft
5 years guarantee for against leakage around main shaft
Sample water trap
Sample step

Optional Features

PH Control System
Main shaft hardening process with 10 years of guarantee
8 or 6 external electrically controlled chemical inlet outputs
SCADA (System Controls and Data Acquisition) and Network applications
2nd drain and 3rd water inlet control
Automatic door Water sampling valve
Program transferring from PC to machines
Stainless steel covering for all columns and front face

General Information

Tolkar textile dyeing machines offer you unlimited alternatives of dyeing and washing effect with most economic investments. Detachable 3 ways divided drum (Y Drum) performs to provide the lowest mechanical effect on garments to obtain better penetration and dyeing together by minimizing the undesired abrasion and creases during long processes. PLC Controlled maestro tower is able to interfere to the chemical/dye kitchen to operate it progressively such as during water intake, dyestuff mixing, progressive dosing, tank cleaning, indirect heating and cooling, filtering etc… External heat exchanger is also designed to clean itself before changing the colors.
Direct drive system eliminates the needs of belt pulleys from the system wherein drive system failure risks are minimized due to tension losses of V-belts. Front cover plate, parts coming into contact with chemicals are made by 316 L stainless steel along with chemical kitchen and heat exchanger. Sample door is synchronized with revolving door of Y drum for easy sample collection. Sample step operated consistently with sample door, helps to reach the samples quickly. Optionally offered TOLKAR Cat Eye Scada System generates to control whole processes professionally in details by collecting the reports along with required data.


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