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Ma-Fix 3X ®


Cationic fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes on 100% cotton and cotton blends. Formaldehyde free.


Ma-Soap REA ®


After-soaping agent for fiber reactive and direct-dyed cellulosic fibers. Gives excellent improvement in crock fastness, wash fastness and cold water bleeding. Excellent dispersion properties. Also, an effective after soaping agent on printed goods to reserve white grounds.



Ma-Lev LFP ®


New generation, multicomponent, high temperature dyeing assistant for the carrier-free dyeing of textured and spun polyester yarn. Excellent dispersing properties and good leveling properties. It is especially suited for the package dyeing process.


Ma-Seq P2 ®


Multifunctional anionic product for use in cotton and polyester dyeing. Increases solubility of reactive, direct and disperse dyestuffs. Increases salt tolerance of carriers and disperse dyestuffs. Controls the effects of hard water in dyeing. Reduces trimmer build-up and other deposits on machinery. Improves levelness in dyeing and reduces staining. Excellent for the after-soaping of reactive and direct dyestuffs.



Ma-Lev ACR ®


Cationic retarding agent for basic dyes on acrylic fibers. Optimum retarding for fast striking colors and good migration properties.



Ma-Print TJ ®


Unique pigment pad dye auxiliary that disperses pigments and prevents pad roll build up of acrylic binder systems. The product produces a smoother dyeing.


Ma-Print 2354 ®


Specially formulated surfactant based antimigrant that controls pigment migration with no detrimental effect on wash fastness or crock fastness.


Ma-Print TTD ®


Acrylic pigment pad binder that provides excellent crock and wash fastness. The product is heat and shear stable.



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